Aluminum Rail

Our NEW 141 pound profile aluminum rail is made with 6061 Aluminum with T6 heat treatment for hardness. The rail is 1″ Tall with a 15/16″ base. The 141 pound profile aluminum rail will provide longer rail & wheel life, because the head has the correct radius to match the wheels of your locomotives and rolling stock.

All my rail is available in standard 10′ and 12′ lengths, with custom lengths of 15′ and 20′ available as well. The 141 pound profile rail is priced at $1.65/ foot.

I have 3 profiles of aluminum rail available. Shown on the left is my West Coast profile rail, 1″ tall with a 7/8″ base. Shown in the center is my new 141 pound profile standard duty rail, 1″ tall with a 15/16″ base. Shown on the right is my 141 pound profile heavy duty rail, 1″ tall with a 15/16″ base. The heavy duty 141 pound profile rail has a thicker base to carry heavier loads. All my rail is made of 6061 aluminum with a T6 heat treatment. Proudly Made in America !



Rail shipping containers.